Work – Prototype

Since 2015, we at The Beyonds Creative Solutions Inc. have been using our industry leading experience in additive manufacturing, 3D CAD modelling and mechanical engineering to develop products for a variety of industries.

From the confidential design discussions, to the 2D and 3D visualizations, our client centered approach focuses on providing you with the best solutions. If you have an idea, we’ll help prototype it, and if you have a problem, we’ll help solve it.

Our 3D solutions include:

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) modeling
  • Digital renderings and animations
  • 3D-printed prototypes
  • Digitization using 3D scanning
  • Rapid prototyping


Below are some of the projects we’ve developed at The Beyonds Creative Solutions Inc. that have completed the journey from idea to reality. Explore each one to understand the initial design request or problem, the conceptualization, problem-solving, and final products.