Raised Seat

The Challenge

Client with physical disability wanted to replace raised toilet seat they had for last 20year as this one was fucked – liked the shape and was experiencing failure on the bottom lip – cracking, ugly. Not able to find exact seat to replace.

Sent these photos of seat and advised dimensions are approximately W = 16″  L=15″  D= 6″

Our Process

Replicating the seat as a 3D model exactly as the original, be waterproof and strong enough to endure repeated use.

The Beyonds used 3D scanning technology to create a dimensionally accurate digital model of the existing part, and then used digital sculpting tools to fill in and smooth out the cracked and damaged faces picked up in the scan. After cleaning up the digital model, it was sliced for 3D printing and printed on a large-format FDM machine.

[image/video of screen capture from blender and scanning content]

Due to the sanitary hazards of this part’s application combined with the porous properties of FDM 3D prints, this part would require some amount of post-processing before it would be suitable for use. The printed part was thus sanded down to remove layer lines before being thickly coated with a two-part epoxy resin. As the epoxy cured, it formed a hard, durable, and waterproof shell around the part, allowing for the seat to be usable long-term under proper sanitation standards.

The Solution

Further development : Generative Study array of possible solutions for 3DP