Cornwall Art Bench

Final Design
Final Design

We worked with Victoria artist Nicole Sleeth to design a collapsible and easily shipped and assembled version of her art bench.

Cornwall Art Bench with paper
Original Version
Original Version

Nicole's original design (hand built and tested in her studio and by hundreds of students) was too expensive to ship.

Cornwall Art Bench with paper
Design Process
Design Process

3D CAD modelling and CNC milling were used to build several prototypes. After user testing, we decided on a press-fit bench with minimal hardware.

Cornwall Art Bench with paper
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Animation showing how the redesigned Cornwall Art Bench fits together.

The Challenge

Also called a “donkey”, the Cornwall Art Bench is designed to improve artists’ comfort by providing an optimal work angle without the need to stand.

Victoria based artist Nicole Sleeth already had a hand built version of her drawing bench, but it was expensive to ship. Our task was to enhance her version by improving shipping costs and ease of assembly. Already used in her studio classes, and tested with hundreds of students, this original version provided a valuable starting point.

Our Process

The Beyonds worked with Nicole to determine the required characteristics and use case of the new bench:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact for shipping
  • Accommodating of taller artists
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean

Using 3D CAD modelling and CNC milling, we built several prototypes which each underwent user testing. Ultimately, we decided that a collapsible, press-fit, bench was the best solution.

The Solution

Now fitting into an easily shipped custom box, The Cornwall Art Bench boasts specification meeting features:

  • Rounded edges help improve comfort
  • 5 minute assembly – no tools needed
  • Compact enough to affordably ship worldwide
  • Accommodates artists of all sizes by being longer than many alternatives
  • Collapsible yet sturdy design
  • Made of laminated birch to make cleaning easy

Our redesign eased the workload of hand building each bench – which are now manufactured on Vancouver Island.

For more information, or to buy a donkey, contact Nicole Sleeth.

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