How to use Social Media

At a basic level there are three things an author should consider regarding online presence:

  1. Know what you do
  2. Do it well
  3. Get Found

Let’s look at #3 as it relates to social networking.  Social network marketing works and make sense, BUT it needs to be strategic and a you must understand WHY you are tweeting, pinning or instagramming. Whatever traffic and interest is generated by these platforms should lead the user to your “primary online representation” (your website) .

Social networking helps build your brand and get readerscurious about what you are writing, recommend you to others, and get the traffic to that “primary online representation”. However, each social network platform offers different things. Authos must IDENTIFY which platform is going to work and make decisions based on collected data. MEASURE your efforts!!

For a few months put a similar post across multiple social network platforms and then look at the Google Analytics to see how each one performs and then make informed decision as to where to assign resources.

Add the Google Analytics in the code of each page of the website and the analytics dashboard will show the “Referrers” in the social media section. You will be able to determine where audience is coming from and subsequently assign appropriate resources to that right platform.

Get the most return on  investment (ROI) in your social networking plan.  The Beyonds Creative Solutions Inc.  can help you with this measurement planning process.