Thoughts on Twitter


In thinking about a social networking policy for your business, getting the most out of social media  means getting well timed messages out to relevant audiences. If you have the followers, what would they want to hear from you?

Some rules of play worth keeping in mind:

  1. Consistency – using proper syntax and committing to frequency schedule (ie every Friday,  so people can expect the Friday tweet)
  2. Sharing others QUALITY content – sharing relevant quality content, demonstrates that your business is savvy and current. This also promotes reciprocity with others quality content sharing.  Sharing fluffy content becomes really evident and makes reader less likely to pay attention as the assumption is that some artificial agent is at the helm.  A real human response is still discernable and more respected.
  3. Expect the tweets to become part of a permanent record
  4. Timing – afternoons and evening and close to weekend, and spaced apart – don’t tweet one right after another. If you are following the rules of “relevant well timed message” and followers actually pay attention to your tweets , don’t piss them off by cluttering up their news feed.
  5. If your tweet something you want promulgated (just wanted to use the word promulgated) – suggest a retweet

We recommend  staying on top of what is being retweeted and mentioned in relation to your business and an aggregator like Hootsuite can give you a really quick global snapshot of this info in its dashboard.