The Beyonds is a rapid prototyping firm with hands-on experience in the creation of physical prototypes. Offering 3D modelling and 3D printing as in-house services, we streamline the early stage prototyping process and minimize external exposure to your idea.

Whether you need large format printing for load-bearing parts, the high detail of small format printing, or the exceptional durability of metal printing, The Beyonds has you covered.

Prototyping allows you to minimize risks by letting you check if your idea matches expectations, and identify any flaws before production begins. Having a prototype can help you attract investors that may contribute funding to the manufacturing phase. Having a physical part or product to show them will make it easier for them to visualize and get excited about your idea!

3D Printed Prototypes

Close-up scene of 3D model printer operation . Hi-technology rapid prototype for design processing by 3D printing machine.

Faster and more cost-effective
than traditional prototyping.

One of the most cost-effective ways to prototype your idea is to utilize 3D printing. 3D printed prototypes allow for much faster prototyping than with traditional manufacturing methods, and they provide realistic simulations of the mechanical functions of your design.

3D printing has given designers the power to create products using digitally designed models that do not have the constraints of physically-fabricated, conventional models.

Large Format Printing

The Beyonds offers a unique service: the AG3D Colossus. With a print volume of 37,000in³, this massive FDM printer can create single parts sixty times larger than the average printer. This is optimal for large, load-bearing, parts.

The average FDM 3D printer has a maximum print volume of about 700in³ – the size of a standard shoe box. Larger print volumes are available, but max out at around 7,500 in³ for consumer-level machines.

Small Format Printing

The material properties of the resin used in small format prints makes them generally less suited for load-bearing applications, but they excel in high levels of precision and detail. Examples include proof-of-concept prints, tabletop miniatures, and detailed organic models.

With a maximum resolution as fine as 10 microns (one eighth of the thickness of the average human hair), the individual layers in this 3D printing process can be made thinner than may be perceived by the human eye.

Additionally, small-format printing can achieve a level of optical clarity unparalleled by large format printers. Combining transparent clear and colored resins with the right printing and post-processing techniques, can produce an impressively clear and unblemished surface finish.

Metal Printing

In some cases, thermoplastic parts may not provide the strength, durability, or heat resistance required for more heavy-duty prototypes. The Beyonds provides metal 3D printing services, allowing for the creation of prototypes, or end-use parts, with the material properties of various common metal alloys.

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