Do you have an idea but don’t know where to start? That’s where the discovery stage comes in. A discovery meeting gets your support teams (legal, design engineering, manufacturing, sales) all on the same page.

Discovery informs early stage product development and subsequent prototyping by:

While maintaining your confidentiality, we can help you through discovery to support intentional design and ensure a solution to your problem.

Project Initiation

Align with your project’s purpose.

Customize to your needs.

Project Initiation is the starting point where we begin documenting your invention, and clearly define the challenge or problem that it will address. By formulating a problem statement, followed by a solution statement, you will provide a clear understanding of the invention’s purpose.

Using collaborative idea generation we listen and understand your needs and goals. We conceptualize your idea with communication, visualization, and creative problem solving techniques. This allows us to align with your ideas, arrive at clear project decisions, prioritize tasks, and implement a project plan.

Every project is different, and we are prepared to support you through the highly customized nature of early stage rapid prototyping.

Research and IP Strategy

Mitigate risks and protect your idea.

You have an idea that is going to solve a problem — a challenge that is inadequately addressed or completely overlooked — but what are the risks? Developing a research and intellectual property strategy is essential to:

  • analyze existing solutions (whole or in part)
  • avoid copyright infringement
  • patent and protect your product idea

At The Beyonds, we can help you through these processes in order to protect your ideas and mitigate risks.


Control exposure to your ideas.

Confidentiality agreements, sometimes referred to as non-disclosure agreements (NDA), are documents that establish confidential relationships between you and other parties (users, designers, engineers, etc.). NDAs help control the disclosure of information surrounding your project. Controlling exposure to your idea is essential prior to your filing with relevant patent authorities or until you have formalized your IP protection plan.

We take confidentiality very seriously and respect your intellectual property. Not only are we comfortable signing an NDA with you, we encourage it and can provide the forms.

Ready to realize your vision?

Here at The Beyonds, we are excited to use our expertise to help you design whatever product or solution you need. From the confidential discovery stage all the way through product development, we have your back.