At The Beyonds, we specialize in bringing your ideas to life through whatever design type works best for your solution.

3D Modelling

Powerful visual technologies.

3D design concepts.

3D modelling allows us to create powerful visualizations and prototypes of your designs. This 3D data can also be used to create physical models from computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines — such as 3D printers, lathes, laser cutters, and multi-axis machines. CAD files offer cross-functional use for design, prototyping, fabrication and marketing departments.

Example of a 3D model.

Generative Design

Using A.I. technologies we can generate hundreds of 3D model options.

Generative design uses artificial intelligence based software to create a specified number of model options that meet chosen criteria. We can input various constraints such as weight, geometry, applied loads, safety factors, fabrication methods, materials, and more. This iterative process is an efficient way to explore multiple design ideas and optimize solutions.

A key benefit of generative design with additive manufacturing is the reduction in the materials and time to fabricate parts. This in turn diminishes costs and shortens the prototype development cycle. 

Generative design offers unprecedented freedom using additive manufacturing, enabling lighter parts and greater design complexity with fewer parts. Generative design is an exciting new development in CAD that will drive future product innovation — anything becomes possible!

Mechanical Engineering


Make your product safe and reliable.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering, combining math, physics, and material sciences for the purpose of designing and maintaining mechanical structures. From escalators to automobiles, and kitchen appliances to machine shop equipment – if there are moving parts, a mechanical engineer was involved in its design. This is because dynamic mechanisms cannot simply be conceptualized and then commercialized; they must undergo thorough analysis to ensure that they will perform their intended function safely, reliably, and effectively.

Here are The Beyonds, we have our very own mechanical engineer who will ensure your project is ready to go public.

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