The Beyonds Creative Solutions Inc. is a 3D design and fabrication firm specializing in original product development and rapid prototyping. We are 100% client centered, with expertise in additive manufacturing, 3D CAD modelling and mechanical engineering. We have several in-house additive manufacturing capabilities, including a custom built large-format 3D printer with build volume of 36 cubic inches. Our in-house prototyping enables us to better serve our customers by providing faster feedback and revisions and, ultimately, iterating better solutions.


This creative team has over 10 years of combined experience bringing 3D digital to physical. We are here to help you visualize your ideas as digital 3D models and physical 3D models.  Our 3D solutions include computer-aided design (CAD) modeling, digital renderings and animations; 3D-printed prototypes; digitization using 3D scanning; and rapid prototyping.

Alastair Graham
Alastair Graham

Alastair is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Victoria. Habitual tinkerer and 3D printing expert with background in 3D modeling, mechatronics, and mechanical repair.

Kate Forrest
Kate Forrest

Kate is a 3D generalist with a background in fabrication and manufacturing of agricultural steel buildings, business dispute resolution, sales, project management, and material sourcing and buying, she offers a unique perspective to clients on execution of ideas, and the role of 3D digital and physical prototyping.

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Our clients entrust us with sensitive and valuable information. We respect this trust by ensuring the discretion of our staff and keeping client information secure. To affirm this, we are happy to sign a client-written or project-specific nondisclosure agreement (NDA), or to provide a standard confidentiality agreement. Request NDA.

To be sent a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), fill in form below. We take confidentiality very seriously and want we keep your information strictly confidential.


The Beyonds were able to create a perfect fit for my ideas. A CAD design done of my concepts as well as a working prototype made with their in house 3D printers.

Chris Gilbert – Calypso Aquarium Maintenance Victoria, BC

 Very easy to work with, listened to my ideas and help build on that idea. Started with a design idea and did 9 prototypes and The Beyonds worked through the design problems until we arrived at the final prototype. 

James Bradley – Inventor of the Healthy Hitter, Victoria, BC

 After months of failures and let downs I wish I’d found The Beyonds in the first place. The projects that were designed and built for me are as good or better than the best company’s in this field. I highly recommend anybody who needs an expert to give The Beyonds a try. Great job.

Brad Watson – Inventor, Campbell River, BC

It is with much gratitude I write this.  Last year I contacted and met with The Beyonds with an idea-design drawings, pictures, and a crude plasticine model. With The Beyond’s assistance, this idea went through planning to iterations to a finished model. Now my idea is a tangible reality and the product is ready to launch. They have been professional, knowledgeable with a speedy turn around time and answered my questions promptly.  I highly recommend them.

Leanne Gebicki- Inventor of The Poli*shoe, Victoria, BC